We are excited to share information with you about the HIPP program. This page serves as a resource hub for all HIPP partners. HIPP partners are groups that serve the Medicaid population or have a stake in saving state and taxpayer money. Essentially, partners are those that will benefit from the growth of the HIPP program.

We encourage you to click on the group below that best describes you. Within your group you will find an educational presentation that you can share with others.  You will also find printable posters and handouts to put up around your facility or pass out to Medicaid recipients that may qualify for HIPP program benefits.

Click on the group that best describes you.

> Medicaid Eligibility Workers
> Participating Medicaid Healthcare Providers
> Employers and Benefit Coordinators
> Health-related Support Group Facilitators
> Health Insurance Brokers

Questions? Click here to read more about partnering with HIPP or contact