“What does HIPP offer its members?”

HIPP members receive:

  • Payment for the cost of their health insurance coverage.

Monthly payments are made to the policyholder by check or direct deposit for as long they are in good standing with the HIPP program.

  • Continuation of Medicaid benefits for as long as recipients are found eligible by the Bureau for Medical Services.

HIPP membership does not affect Medicaid eligibility.

When a Medicaid recipient qualifies for HIPP, their health insurance coverage offers:

  • Access to a wider network of doctors.
  • Family policies that will include coverage for the recipient’s entire family, even family members who are not eligible for Medicaid.

HIPP will pay for a family health insurance policy if it is found to be cost-effective for the State of West Virginia.

A Medicaid recipient that qualifies for HIPP may also receive payment for out-of-pocket medical expenses once a participating Medicaid healthcare provider bills Medicaid for services provided to the recipient.

If the recipient elects to go to a non-Medicaid provider, Medicaid will not pay out-of-pocket expenses.

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