“How do I qualify for HIPP?”

The West Virginia HIPP program is specifically for qualifying Medicaid recipients who have access to health insurance and their families.

To qualify for the HIPP program, your application must prove that the current health insurance policy rates available to you for the year are less than the entire cost of your or your Medicaid dependent’s medical expenses for the year.

Other requirements:

  • Someone in your immediate family must qualify for WV Medicaid.

The chances of qualifying for HIPP increase when you have two or more Medicaid dependents in your immediate family, or if one or more of them has a high-cost healthcare condition.

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  • Someone in your immediate family must have access to health insurance. It can be self-funded, or available through a job or through COBRA.
  • The health insurance policy must cover the Medicaid dependents listed on your HIPP application.
  • Along with your application, you must provide an official list of policy tiers and rates that includes information about the policy you are currently enrolled in or wish to be enrolled in once you are found eligible for HIPP.

If you are enrolled in employer-sponsored insurance or wish to be, you will need to send in the following information before you can officially be HIPP eligible and receive payments:

  • A copy of the front and back of your insurance card
  • Summary of benefits for your policy plan or desired policy plan
  • Your employer’s health insurance rate sheet
  • Proof of premium payment, such as a paystub

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