Continuing Your Eligibility

“How can I help avoid payment interruptions and remain eligible for HIPP?”

  1. Have at least one Medicaid dependent that resides in-state.
  2. Keep your Medicaid dependent(s) enrolled in the health insurance policy on file.
  3. Avoid any unnecessary changes that may change the cost-effectiveness of your case.
  4. Provide proof of premium deduction each month.
  5. Notify HIPP of changes, including:

    ● Insurance policy or plan
    ● Employer
    ● Premium deduction/ payment amount
    ● Medicaid recipient(s) status change

“How will I find out if I am no longer eligible for the HIPP program?”
If you become ineligible at any time, your monthly payments will stop and you will receive a letter in the mail with the reason for this determination. Please note that sending proof of your monthly premium deduction (i.e. a paystub) or payment will affect your eligibility.

Remember, your HIPP eligibility and your Medicaid eligibility are separate affairs. Losing HIPP eligibility does not affect your Medicaid eligibility.