When to Apply

“Can I apply for HIPP outside of my employer’s open enrollment period?”
Yes. Federal law states that employers must consider eligibility for HIPP as a qualifying event. This law applies to all employers so that HIPP eligible employees and their families can enroll in group health insurance at any time of the year. If you are not yet enrolled in your employer’s healthcare benefits, this qualifying event makes it mandatory for them to make enrollment options available to you from the first day you qualify for HIPP until 60 days after.

“I have access to employer-sponsored insurance but I am not yet enrolled.”
If you have not yet enrolled in your employer’s health benefits, you can start the application process by asking for your employer’s insurance rate sheet. You can get this information from your Human Resources department or benefits coordinator. HIPP will tell you what type of policy you may qualify for.

When you qualify for HIPP, your employer is required by law to enroll you in their benefits program—even if your employer’s open enrollment period has passed. Once you are enrolled in a health insurance plan, send in your monthly proof of premium deductions (monthly paystubs), and you will begin to receive payment reimbursements from HIPP.

“What if I am already enrolled in my employer’s healthcare plan?”
If you or someone in your immediate family is already enrolled in an employer’s group health insurance, and there is a Medicaid dependent present in your immediate family, the next step is to apply to HIPP.